Social Media

Social Media

Establishing a community that perceives you as an industry leader


High-quality, targeted and tailor-made content is the backbone of your relationship with the clients – it is the first thing they learn about your brand.

By creating valuable content, we build your social media presence and establish a community of loyal customers who perceive you as an expert in your field.

Thanks to our extensive experience with international brands, we know exactly how to approach your target audience and their characteristics and preferences.


We use only proven tactics in building your social media presence – with the main one being creating original, valuable and customer-centric content. Click-baiting is not our cup of tea – we prefer a carefully selected, loyal audience genuinely interested in your business.
Every social network implies different rules, so every piece of content you decide to spread to your audience needs to be customized.
Our goal is to turn your social media page into a central place your clients turn to for information and advice – because today, social proof is more important than ever.

Instead of googling, modern consumers are looking for reliable recommendations among their social network group – and you should be the first name that comes to their minds.


We know that social media management is much more than writing witty posts and pairing them with cool graphics. That’s why we make sure to optimize every step of the process – from analyzing social media audiences and developing a strategy tailored to them, to creating and distributing content on social media profiles, all while monitoring online conversations, collaborating with influencers, and carefully monitoring the results.

Pairing high-quality content and active communication with advertising campaigns allow us to reach your potential customers much more efficiently – with completely measurable results.

Social Media Services

Starting at $2,500

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