Marketing consulting

Marketing consulting

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Marketing consulting

As highly experienced marketing consultants, we are here to evaluate your current marketing efforts, plan and implement new strategies, suggest improvements within your in-house marketing department and train your employees on best practices and methods for reaching your target customers. As an external partner of your company, our goals are to provide you with different support systems – depending on your needs.

Our marketing consulting services include the initial audit of existing marketing efforts, identifying the current marketplace, positioning and perceived value in the eyes of ideal customers, and developing and implementing a complete marketing strategy. 

When we say complete marketing strategy – we mean it. For example, our consulting model is interconnected with the business management on every level: target customer identification, marketing budget planning and optimization, human resources optimization, in-house marketing personnel training, content strategy development and implementation.

As a well-established team, we are commonly hired to consult internal marketing teams on creating and implementing marketing strategies and expansion to new markets.

Marketing manager

If you have an established in-house marketing team or you have hired a marketing agency, but you can’t seem to reach your set goals – it is time for an experienced marketing manager.

Our marketing manager services involve managing your existing marketing department and resources, in order to achieve set goals. With 15 years of international experience, we can bring a whole new perspective to your marketing strategy and, most importantly – make sure all of your efforts are aligned with your goals.

Coordinating all hired agencies and in-house teams is quite difficult, so we are often hired to help with resource and personnel management.

Establishing and training your in-house marketing team

“The company is only as good as the people working in it”. We strongly believe in this saying, and if you want your company to grow – so should you. Since we are perfectly aware of how difficult it can be to meet all of the staffing requirements, we are offering quite a unique service – a perfect combination of headhunting and employee training that will provide you with a fully equipped in-house marketing team.

Every company is different – and requires a different set of talented, devoted individuals that will not only keep it running but contribute to its growth daily. The very first step in establishing your marketing team is identifying your company’s needs in terms of staff, which is followed by headhunting and recruitment, potential employee screening, assessments, and selection of best-fitting candidates.

Our primary goal is to establish and train a marketing team that will perfectly align with your company’s guidelines, needs and culture, all while executing a predefined marketing strategy.

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