Digital Marketing

Certified Digital Experts

AdWords continues to be the largest and most used online advertising programme. Our certified team with many successful campaigns under its belt will create an ad campaign designed specifically to follow your wishes and reach the target audience of your brand. 

By raising your online visibility, we will increase the website traffic and attract your potential customers directly to you.

Advertising on digital platforms is not only incomparably more cost-effective than classic offline advertising but also the only way you get to choose who will see your ad, so not a single penny invested in advertising will be wasted on the person who is not in your target group.


Google AdWords

Google Analytics

Precise Analyzes

The key to a successful digital strategy is identifying your starting position. Before creating a campaign, it is necessary to analyze the current online presence and positioning.

Google Analytics is the most useful measuring tool of your digital reach and gives a solid base to every campaign. Analysis tools provide us with insight into the impression you leave on your users,  but also on how frequently they visit your site and how much time they spend on it.

Internet marketing specialists use a number of statistics to make campaigns as successful as possible, and many of the details gained in the analysis are crucial to the outcome of campaigns.


Direct Contact

E-mail messages are still the primary formal communication tool because they are the only way to directly reach your desired recipient. When it comes to marketing, the messages directly aimed at potential customers and partners include ad materials, bids, promotional notifications, business cooperation inquiries, and different products and services information.

Newsletters and other promotional materials are used as a channel of direct communication with potential customers.

E-mail Marketing

Yandex Direct

Expanding Your View

If you are considering expanding your business on the Russian market with fifty million potential new clients, the best start is creating an ad campaign on the most popular web browser in Russia, Yandex.

Our digital specialists are ready to open many doors for you, so your business can reach a whole new market, without you even having to leave your office. 


Always On Top

When it comes to online search engines, the set of rules that apply are quite similar to the real estate market: location, location, location. In other words, the positioning of your website on search engines is our top priority. That way, more and more potential customers will come in contact with your brand and business.

Our aim is to increase the organic and free reach, and the best way to achieve that is by optimizing your website with a range of strategies. The goal of optimization is adapting relevant keywords in order to increase the rank of your website on internet search engines, which leads to more visits and potential new customers.

If your site is already optimized for web browsers, but you are not satisfied with the optimization results, we can perform an audit and correction of your existing SEO implementation in order to achieve desired results.



Campaign Audit

Digital Makeover

If you already have an online ad campaign, but you are far from pleased with its results and can’t really see a return of your investment, our team will be more than happy to evaluate and adapt your existing digital efforts in order to improve their performance.

If you are investing money in online marketing without seeing positive results in terms of an increased number of interested customers, your campaign certainly needs corrections and adjustments. Sometimes even minimal changes and improvements will show a dramatic difference and ensure the desired outcome within a reasonable time.


It Is All About The Presence, Presence, Presence ...

Social media are not an only interactive channel of communication, but also a never-ending source of new users who often spend several hours a day surfing the web. Online advertising can never achieve the desired outcome without the direct targeting of social networks users.

Your potential clients are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Snapchat every day, and your marketing messages can be aimed directly at them by using tools that enable us to reach those specifically targeted categories of users.

Social networking advertising campaigns allow us to contact the customers much faster and more efficient, and unlike any traditional media, the results of online campaigns are completely measurable.


Social Media Marketing

Community Management

Two-Way Communication

Contrary to traditional offline marketing, content marketing and community management rely on building two-way communication with customers and clients. Social networks are the easiest channel for establishing relationships and creating loyal customers because they are only platforms that offer a direct line of two-way communication.

When it comes to social networks presence of your company, we are here to create profiles, pages and accounts, design and create content, take care of the creative concept and encourage users to interact with your business, so the interest for your brand and products can grow. By taking initiative and starting proactive communication with your users, we make sure to make their experience with your brand superb. Openly answering all their questions will contribute to building trust and ensuring the exquisite online reputation of our brand.


We Have The Knowledge

What your business needs is take-off into online public, but you have no idea where to start? You are considering introducing digital sales and communication channels and you are in desperate need of expert advice? Or you already have some experience with digital marketing, but the money, time and effort invested are not showing results you were hoping for?

Our team is pleased to share all of our knowledge and experience with you and show you all the tips and tricks of the online world. Feel free to contact us for advice, so we can propose a solution that will best cater to your needs. Our specialists will be happy to help you evaluate your digital needs and suggest an ideal financial model so you can get the most out of your money, and every advice they give will be substantiated with extensive market and consumer analysis.




We Are Happy To Share It

Once in a while, we come across some very ambitious clients who want to create and manage their own digital advertising campaigns, and all they need is proper education and guidance. If you wish to be in that category, our team can take you through several levels of certified online advertising programs and bring you a step closer to independent campaign maintenance.

Except for full certified programs, feel free to contact us for an individual consultation, which is recommended in case you are interested in learning how to resolve the specific problem you may encounter in digital marketing.

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