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About Our App

Back.App will do what is literally in its name. It will back you up when needed. It is the one and only WordPress data archiving app in whole Croatia. Puuurfect, right? Every internet page, news portal, blog or e-commerce store is based on the servers of their hosting providers. Thanks to hosting services, their content is available. Although all the hosting providers do provide a backup of your data, their service mostly does not guarantee backup of your data, in case of the hardware structure failure or software mistakes. In case of webpage failure, even in the worst case scenarios - BackApp guarantees that we will get all your important data, thanks to data saving on independent location.  

How To Use Back.App?

Use of this application is hilariously simple and adjusted to all users. If you decide to buy an app, in a few simple steps your internet page will be connected with our archiving system. First, you need to install Back.App WordPress plugin, buy your Back.App package and after that you will receive credentials to enter the user zone of Back.App. The interface of the user zone is very simple and adjusted to the average user, and activation of the app takes a few minutes. User is entering his own domains who want to archive and you may choose the package that suits your needs the best - daily, monthly or weekly update. No extra charge!  

Security & Data Backup

Back.App is using  AES-256 advanced encryption and admins do not have the permission to enter your database so we guarantee your privacy and security. Admins of your internet pages are in charge of your data backup but you can choose us also for this important task.  

Back.App Packages

The rule is simple - you choose a package based on your needs. Except archiving on daily, weekly or monthly basis there is an option for hourly archiving. The charge for this service is 80,00 kn per month for one domain. If you need some extra space for saving your database and log files - we have plenty! You can buy more space anytime - the charge for every 1GB of space is 45 kn a month per one domain.  


  • 1 domain
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Backup
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • Maximu base size 500MB
  • 3x last archive base
  • Maximum log file size 50MB
  • 10x last log files

50,00 EUR / mo.36,00 EUR / mo.


  • Up to 3 domains
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Backup
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • Maximum base size 500MB
  • 3x last archive base (by domain)
  • Maximum log file size 50MB
  • 10x last log files (by domain)

63,00 EUR / mo.50,00 EUR / mo.


  • Minimum 5 domains
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Backup
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • Maximum base size 500MB
  • 3x last archive base (by domain)
  • Maximum log file size 50MB
  • 10x last log files (by domain)
  • 50% discount



  • Integration with other CMS systems
  • Custom Back.App upgrades
  • AES-256 Encryption

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