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Your web page is like your own business card, your way of reaching new clients and new markets. Your clients are your most strict judges - from the moment they access your website they will evaluate everything. From functionality, simplicity and overall site responsiveness. Design of the user interface is very important when it comes to visual identity, overall presentation, and compatibility.

Graphic design and positions of all visual elements together create your visual identity which is the most important factor for your potential clients. That is the main factor of generating interest and making your clients browse through your website content a bit longer.

Design of the complete system that connects the dots between your potential client and your website needs to be immaculate. That is the moment when UX/UI designers are taking the spotlight. That title may seem complicated but their mission is very simple - their only goal is improving the user experience, making your page more simple, more understandable for use.

By studying your users and their interaction with your webpage interface and combining useful insights from user analytics - a designer will create additional functionalities that will combine responsiveness and eye-candy visuals.

User interface and user experience designers work together in order to create the most exceptional user experience possible. You can’t separate these two because the perfect synchronicity is important - combining graphic design, responsive architecture in the perfect symphony for your users.



Tailored Website

A Perfect Fit

We are developing website solutions according to our customer’s wishes. A page design, its functionalities, and possibilities are tailored to fit your specific needs and business requirements.

Custom made website comes with its own MAOIO CMS system that is modular, easily expandable and adjustable, according to your needs and requirements. We also give you a 10-year warranty on system integrity.

Custom made website means that it is completely designed by the client’s wishes, meaning it has its own unique design, functionalities and solutions client is aiming for The main advantage of custom made websites is their upgradability at any time. It can start as a simple information website and, in time, it can be developed in more complex, corporative website, webshop, portal, blog platform or an automated system. All according to client’s requirements.

When developing a custom made a website, the client actively participates so the final result looks and functions just the way the client wanted it to be. This makes them easier and more understandable user experience for a client.



Web development on CMS open source system. We are designing website visuals and custom made themes, developing and modifying plug-ins,according to the client’s wishes and specific requirements.

Creating a website on WordPress platform is a fast and affordable solution and it is increasingly popular because of simple interface and stunning and dynamic designs. It is a great option if you want to keep things simple, in case you are not in need of a more complex system. 

In case of more complex and specific requirements, we recommend developing a custom made CMS system, while WordPress is optimal for simpler websites that don’t require automation systems and similar complex solutions.



Web Apps

Imagination Is Your Only Limit

When it comes to web application development we are complex software solutions-oriented. We are focused mostly on business processes automation, ERP system integration, booking, and e-commerce solutions

We are focused on developing custom software solutions based on your business needs. No matter your business size or system complexity - we can make it faster, simpler and more responsive.


Solutions That Can Fit The Palm Of Your Hand

Using mobile platforms is constantly on the rise and we often face the demands for the dedicated mobile apps. We are always keeping our pace with today’s business world dynamics and we get the importance of collecting and processing the valuable data. You can do your work at the office - but also in your car, on the plane, in the cafe…. And on the beach, if you are lucky.

With our custom mobile app development services you can do your job everywhere you like, no matter the location or time.



Mobile Apps

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