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We Develop Long-Term Partnerships

This is more than just an ordinary landing page. These are facts about us, our company culture and approach. All information is stacked in one place to get to know us better before the first contact. If you like what you see below, we could be a perfect match. Don´t let the time slip by, contact us today. 


Compromise-free Service

Our approach is strictly professional and compromise-free. We nurture long-terms business partnerships with our clients and our knowledge and experience provide added value to their business.

Fair Pitch Fees

Our agency has standard pitch fees for every project type. Creating concepts, ideas and marketing strategies is a business we take very seriously and to which we devote all of our creative resources. 

We value your business, your time and your money. Because of that, we want to ensure that we pour our heart and soul into every pitch. Fair pitch fees are one of the main components of business culture and allow us to compensate for our time and resources. Pitch fees are prerequisite for the establishment of trust, respect and successful long-term cooperation.

Project Budget

There is always a budget. Defining the project budget is a crucial first step. Prospects sometimes avoid discussing the budget on initial meetings, which is the biggest mistake they can make. Aligning budget with the project scope is a prerequisite for successful projects and satisfied clients.

By having information about the budget, we can advise you about the best suited solution and help you channel your resources in achieving your goals.

Project Offer

A meeting on which we define project scope and goals is a necessary prerequisite for creating an offer. For more complex projects offers, there is a symbolic fee that is deducted from full project price in case of acceptance.

Audits & Consultations

The initial/introductory meeting is free of charge. Additional project meetings, audits and consultations are charged according to the agency´s pricelist.

Outside Office Hours

Support outside standard office hours and urgent assistance is subject to an additional charge, according to the agency´s pricelist.

Partners under arranged support are subject to contract prices.

Support & Project Communication

Our primary communication channel for all requests, inquiries and reporting is e-mail. We love social networks, chats and friendly phonecalls, however for all business inquiries, arrangements, project tasks, consultations, offer acceptances, etc. we insist on official e-mail communication.

TurnKey Solution & Support

MAOIO is a full service digital agency focused on turnkey solutions for our partners. It implies digital audit, budgeting, strategy planning, business consultation and project delivery. Throughout the project lifecycle we provide proactive and constant support in order to achieve our marketing goals.

We are a customer-centric agency with the highest standards in respecting deadlines and ensuring project quality.

Pricing & Value

Agency prices reflect our dedication, professional standards and highest quality services.

Every project is delivered by highly educated agency´s experts. We are highly focused on performance quality, delivery speed and post-project support. Our offer probably won´t be the cheapest you get, but it will be the best value for your money.

Late Payments

The same we are focused on highest project quality and respecting deadlines we expect the same from our partners and clients in terms of respecting defined payment deadlines for our services.

Every Client Matters

We dedicate our resources compromise-free, no matter to project scope, budget and value.

Nurturing long-term relationships with satisfied clients is our biggest success. We are especially pleased to see our partners´ businesses grow with our support.

We are Not the agency for you, if:

1. You are not ready to put all efforts into the success of your project

2. The price is the primary criterion for choosing a digital agency

3. You think that successful projects can be developed, implemented and regularly optimized without educated experts

4. You are looking for an agency that is willing to work for provision, sales percentage or "service for service" compensation

5. You expect professional consultations, project audit and development of a marketing strategy for zero-fee

Rich International Experience

TOURISM: tourist agencies, hotels, hostels, camping, glamping, villas, holiday homes, apartments, yacht charter, charter, tourist tours, AIO experience

E-COMMERCE: cosmetics, healthy food, floristry, protective clothing and equipment, sports equipment, consumer electronics, professional electronics, car parts, handicrafts, furniture, home decoration, boat sales, multi-vendor stores, press

PRODUCTION: cosmetics, domestic food manufacturers, handicrafts, protective clothing and equipment, sports equipment, consumer electronics, professional electronics, furniture

HEALTH: dentistry, dental tourism

TRANSPORT: shipping, local transportation and logistics

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES: Industry 4.0, ERP systems, CMS systems, mobile applications, SaaS applications, maintenance of information services, graphics services and print preparation, illustration, 3D modeling and animation, UX / UI design, web application development, website development, e-commerce solutions and more.


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