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What Is Online Marketing?

Online marketing is a way to promote a company, brand, products or services to potential customers through online channels. Advertising can be done via e-mail, social networking, display advertising, search engine optimization and more. The main goal of digital advertising is to reach potential customers through channels they are using the most while searching the web, online buying or just spending their free time on social networks.


Acceptance of the Internet as a tool for business and personal needs has led us to the creation of new channels for advertising and marketing engagement. There are plenty of benefits, but also challenges associated with online advertising, primarily using digital media to attract, engage and transform virtual visitors into customers. 


The difference between an online marketing and the traditional one is that the online advertising is faster, the costs are lower and, because of the possibility of optimization, ROI - Return of investment is more efficient. The key advantage of using internet marketing channels for a company or product marketing is the ability to measure the performance of any of the channels and user experience of the web location or landing page visitors.

Also, to find out which channels are most effective in acquiring potential customers, you have a possibility to do further analysis from visitors that become your buyers. 


Google Certified

Cat’s lair and all its digital experts are Google Certified. We love to joke, but we take your campaigns seriously. 🙂

No Commission

Transparent pricing policy - campaign maintenance is charged based on its complexity, and independently of Google's budget.

Performance Monitoring

Daily campaign and competition monitoring, campaign optimization and the implementation of an optimal advertising strategy.

Monthly Reports

Each month we provide you with a summary of the relevant analytics that helps us to create a further advertising strategy.

Rich International Experience

TOURISM: tourist agencies, hotels, hostels, camping, glamping, villas, holiday homes, apartments, yacht charter, charter, tourist tours, AIO experience

E-COMMERCE: healthy food, floristry, protective clothing and equipment, sports equipment, consumer electronics, professional electronics, car parts, handicrafts, furniture, home decoration, boat sales, multi-vendor stores, press

PRODUCTION: domestic food manufacturers, handicrafts, protective clothing and equipment, sports equipment, consumer electronics, professional electronics, furniture

HEALTH: dentistry, dental tourism

TRANSPORT: shipping, local transport and logistics

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES: Industry 4.0, ERP systems, CMS systems, mobile applications, SaaS applications, maintenance of information services, graphics services and print preparation, illustration, 3D modelling and animation, UX / UI design, web application development, website development, e-commerce solutions and more.


What is Google Adwords advertising and why is it important?

About Google Adwords Advertising

The idea of advertising via Google Adwords sounds tempting, but at the same time frightening. But one thing is for sure - Google campaigns can do a miracle for your business. Google Adwords, now called Google Ads, is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers pay for showing their short ads, service offerings, product lists, video content, and similar. It's a very effective (and, let's say, cost-effective) advertising strategy through the Google AdWords platform, where you pay only for a specific click on your ad; so-called Pay Per Click, which is aimed at bringing interested visitors to your site.

What Are The Benefits Of Google Adwords Advertising And How It Can Help Your Business?

Today, the shift from traditional to digital marketing means one thing – the Internet is becoming more and more overwhelmed with intense competition. Not only that companies are relying on the Internet but also do the consumers so they could make their shopping decisions. With that in mind, it is extremely important to stand out from your competition and reach your target audience and desired results with your ad.

We will list several important benefits of Google Adwords ads:

  • Increasing brand awareness - brands can advertise to the audience when they search the product category in the search engine. Advertisers can also increase their audience by targeting people on other sites using the Google Display Network
  • Outsmart your competitors' ads - using Google AdWords, you can select the Target Outrank automatic auction strategy to adjust your bid and surpass the competition in the auction
  • Impact the audience to buy your product - the audience that visited the site through any source can be categorized into different audiences and target sites on the Google Display Network using Google remarketing ads
  • Increase audience visibility using an automatic bidding strategy such as ECPC (better cost-per-click)
  • Google AdWords has the option of changing campaign settings, as well as campaign performance testing for a given period, to determine the most effective campaign settings
  • Data given in the experiment is statistically checked to avoid any errors
  • Create campaign strategies based on demographic data such as age, gender, parental status, and similar
  • Schedule ads to reach the audience at the right time and decide for yourself whether you want to let your ads run by day, night or run them 24/7




Sounds mighty, isn’t it? Entrust your campaign to the experts, we promise you will not be disappointed. 🙂

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