Your Identity

Creating a brand isn’t a one-way street. Your brand is the first impression about you, your company and your experience to your clients. It’s necessary to create and cultivate a positive perception of your brand and creating a name, logotype and visual identity of your company are the first steps on that path.  But when it comes to starting a business and reaching desired clients, visual branding is still one of the most powerful weapons. 

With our long-standing experience in visual communication, we will help you design and create a brand that best reflects the values and the mission of your business.

It’s not only the visual aspect of your business that your clients want to see, but they also want to hear your story. Every company has its own history, people, culture and thoughts that guide them.

We will help you in presenting your story to the public and make it an integral part of your brand. Your potential clients want to know who you are and what stands behind your company name when they are connecting to you and your business.




Your Story

Storytelling is a way to bring your values closer to your customers, tell them your story and convince them that you are worthy of their trust. Branding your company through storytelling is truly the most effective way to show your clients your passion and what moves you to be the best in your business. What is the story behind your brand, why do you do it and what are the benefits for them when choosing you? Answering these questions will connect you to your clients and create a positive perception of your brand and business. 

The value of your brand is still in the eyes of the observer so it’s necessary to present them your brand the way you see it. Storytelling and content marketing are expanding and they are no longer textual only. Multi-platforming your story allows you to present your brand from every angle and keep track in your client’s journey through social networks, promotional materials, websites, printed and digital publications.

Your story can be told in many ways and it’s up to you whether you will present it through illustration, photography, video, text posts or as a classic ad.


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